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Agriculture and Natural Resources  
The Agriculture and Natural Resources program provides non-formal education in the areas of agricultural production, homeowner plantings, and natural resource utilization. Specific programs include information on food production, farm business management, marketing and processing agricultural products, natural resource management and home lawn and garden information. We address issues dealing with environmental stewardship, the rural-urban interface, and value-added enterprises.
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Cary Hicks
County Extension Agent for Agriculture and Natural Resources

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2015 Wheat for Hay Trial Results

2015 Tri-County Grain Improvement Series Test Plot Results

2016 Extension Winter Meeting Schedule




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Summer 2014 

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1/29/15 Managing Mud & Manure, Dr. Steve Higgins

1/29/15 Beef Nutrition & Minerals, Dr. Roy Burris

1/30/15 On-Farm Grain Storage, Dr. Sam McNeill

2/6/15 Nutrient Management for Water Quality, Dr. Josh McGrath

2/24 Tobacco Producers Update, Dr, Andy Bailey

2/27/15 Tiling and Water Control Structures, Cary Hicks

3/13/15 Poultry Litter as Fertilizer, Dr. Edwin Ritchey

4/29/15 Manure Use in Grain Production, Dr. Josh McGrath

4/29/15 Litter Management 101, Blake Gipson withJones-Hamilton Group

8/14/15 Beef Field Day- Weed Control in Pastures, Dr. JD Green

8/14/15 Beef Field Day- Pinkeye Control, Dr. Michelle Arnold

8/14/15 Beef Field Day- Forages & Grazing Option, Kevin Laurent

8/14/15 Beef Field Day- New Options in Parasite Control, Ben Lloyd

8/14/15 Beef Field Day- Wheat for Hay Trial & UAS, Cary Hicks

1/4/16 2016 Grain Management, Dr. Carrie Knott

1/4/16 Tri-County Grain Improvement Series Plot Highlights, Cary Hicks, Curtis Dame & Vicki Shadrick

1/28/16 Hemp Production in KY, Warren Beeler

1/29/16 Grain Sorghum Production, Cary Hicks

2/3/16 Livestock Market Overview, Dr. Kenny Burdine

2/3/16 Futures & Options as a Risk Managemnt Tool for Livestock Marketing, Dr. Kenny Burdine

2/17/16 Soils 101/Soils of McLean County, Cary Hicks

2/17/16 Soils and Soil Fertility, Dr. Edwin Ritchey

2/29/16 Manure Use in Grain Production Systems, Dr. Josh McGrath & Dr. Edwin Ritchey

2/29/16 Determing the Economic Value of Poultry Litter, Dr. Jordan Shockley


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